Wait, So We're *Supposed* to Conquer the Whole Area? We Would've Done It Anyway.

A Cripple Cured and Clear Countryside

Day 23 of the Greenbelt expedition continued after the fight against the tatzlwyrm. Nearby, they found a pair of ruined buildings serving as a makeshift pen for a slurk named Ubagub. A moment later, they met a boggard named Garuum. After exhausting Garuum’s limited knowledge of common, Kahless managed to persuade him to seek treatment for his mangled hand from the cleric at the Temple of the Elk. The party camped for the night at his Boggard Lair, then headed to the temple, got Garuum the treatment his hand needed, and continued exploring, one ally richer.

They explored most of the northwest of the Greenbelt, encountering and killing four boars, two giant frogs (at a Sulfuric Pond surrounded by hot springs), and another boar.

They also encountered a Barbarian Cairn. They dug up the corpse of a barbarian who was once a minor chieftain among the Tiger Lords that once ruled the land. They found a ring depicting an eel and a frog locked in a tangle, which turned out to be a ring of swimming.

Back in the forest, they ran across a dead trapper, crushed under his own deadfall of logs. They took his axe and continued north, running across a Trapped Glade, which they thoroughly cleared of bear traps.

All in all, 13 days passed as they explored and eventually returned to Oleg’s Trading Post.



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