Wait, So We're *Supposed* to Conquer the Whole Area? We Would've Done It Anyway.

A Spider! Squish it!

Or: Mongols Do It on Horseback

The party returned to Oleg’s Trading Post after fighting the kobolds. After smoothing out things between Kressle and Svetlana Leveton, the party met Kesten Garess and his small band of mercenaries. With Kesten available to defend the trading post, the party decided to keep Kressle with them.

Also at the trading post was Jhod Kavken, who asked them to find the abandoned Temple of the Elk. After resting up, the party headed out to continue exploring, starting their 11th day in the Greenbelt

They found a circle of discarded animal and human bones, at the center of which was a trapdoor spider, who attacked McStubbs with a dangerous bite before retreating to its trapdoor. McStubbs decided to stand on the door to the spider’s lair in an effort to restrict the spider’s ability to attack again, only his weight collapsed the door and he and the spider tumbled to the bottom, further injuring the dwarven monk. While the rest of the party looked on helplessly, McStubbs grappled and pummeled the spider into submission. At the bottom of the Spider’s Nest, they found several dead bodies including a bandit with a Stag Lord Amulet and a treasure map.

After camping, the party found themselves attacked by a large group of wolves. McStubbs was on watch and quickly alerted the group, who mounted horses and fled. Eventually realizing that wolves had no ranged attacks, the group used slings, crossbow bolts fired with magic, and shuriken all from horseback to slay the wolves before returning to camp.

As they continued exploring, they encountered an Elk that was quickly dispatched by Kahless’s eidolon. Due to Kressle’s sharp eyes, they found a gold mine that they may later be able to exploit. She also warned them that a rickety bridge would likely not support the weight of their horses, and guided them to a river crossing further south. Their crossing was delayed slightly, as they encountered a shambling mound when they camped, but Lunath’s identification gave them just enough warning to escape on horseback. Eventually, they returned and collected their abandoned equipment, continuing on.

After crossing the river and setting up camp, the group found themselves visited by a group of grigs, who mostly were surprised to find McStubbs, who had managed to spot one of their kind earlier. He managed the feat again, waking his companions to entertain the grigs with stories of their adventures.

As the party entered the forest on the return trip, they found Tuskgutter’s Lair, the home of the boar that had become a local legend. Tuskgutter proved no match for the party, despite felling Kahless’s eidolon in a single blow. McStubbs proved too elusive a target, and he and Kressle finished Tuskgutter off safely.



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