Wait, So We're *Supposed* to Conquer the Whole Area? We Would've Done It Anyway.

Arrival at the Stolen Lands

Wherein the lives of many bandits are cut short

The party of Duralagos, Lunath, McStubbs, and Kahless arrive at Oleg’s Trading Post with a charter to explore the Stolen Lands. Oleg Leveton and his wife, Svetlana Leveton let the adventurers know about bandit activity in the area.

In fact…some bandits were expected the next day.

The bandits came to collect protection money. Since Oleg and his wife could not fight off a group of bandits by themselves, they sent word to Restov that they needed assistance in protecting their trading post from bandits.

When the bandits arrived, they unwittingly walked into an ambush, and were swiftly and utterly defeated. Happs Bydon, the leader of this small group of bandits, was knocked unconscious by McStubbs, revived, interrogated, executed for the crime of banditry, and finally hung alongside the other bandits on the wooden palisade protecting the trading post.

After learning about a handful of bounties for various denizens and creatures of the Stolen Lands, as well as requests from Oleg and Svetlana for specific items (Svetlana’s wedding ring and some rare radishes, respectively)

With instructions provided by Happs and following the bandits’ trail, the adventurers had a fairly uneventful trip on the way to the Thorn Ford bandit camp. After a bit of failed stealth, the party wiped out all the bandits (save the leader, Kressle, whom McStubbs tied up mid-combat with the sash on his robes, continuing his streak of capturing bandit leaders alive). This was a much more eventful fight as the adventurers took arrow after arrow from the bandits, and only Lunath’s healing kept McStubbs and Kahless from ending the fight lying on the ground with potentially fatal wounds.

What will happen with Kressle? How many bandits are left in the Stolen Lands? Will the GM just get pissed off and kill the entire party capriciously? Find out next time…



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