Wait, So We're *Supposed* to Conquer the Whole Area? We Would've Done It Anyway.

Not so Mighty After All

Wherein Many Mites Are Murdered

Day 34 took the party to the Old Sycamore, where they fought through a whole mess of mites. Eventually they ran across one riding a giant tick, but they killed him and his mount, so…yeah. Dead mites. Also, dead giant centipedes and a dead giant whiptail centipede. Actually, the last big fight with the giant whiptail centipede, now capitalized for awesomeness, involved making McStubbs into an untouchable bundle of beard, beer, and bludgeoning knuckles. Kressle nearly died, but when the dust cleared, the party was victorious and Lunath healed everyone.

The party found a kobold named Mikmek, rescued him, and after learning a bit of the conflict between his tribe and the mites (mostly about a kobold religious statue that the party found in the Mite Lair), they went with Mikmek to the Sootscale Caverns. After meeting with Chief Sootscale, they attacked the shaman Tartuk, defeating him and questioning him. He explained that he was actually a gnome that was killed and reincarnated as a kobold, and he was trying to get all of the kobolds slain, and was also sacrificing them one at a time to a fictitious god. The party was impresssed with Tartuk’s nefarious accomplishments, but he seemed to have a death wish and no interest in, well, anything, so they let Chief Sootscale kill him.

Chief Sootscale swore fealty to the group, for whenever they might have need it, and was left to rebuild the strength of his tribe after the problems Tartuk created.



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