Wait, So We're *Supposed* to Conquer the Whole Area? We Would've Done It Anyway.

Trust is a Funny Thing

Wherein a Bond is Forged by Executions

The party decided to interrogate Kressle at the Thorn River Camp where they captured her. Considering that was the main benefit of capturing her in the first place, it was a little predictable. She explained that the Stag Lord runs all the bandit activity within the Greenbelt. She also outlined a basic plan for attacking the Stag Lord’s camp, which largely hangs on a passphrase to get into the fort on the northeast shore on Tuskwater (“By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?”) and knowing that delivering a bunch of the Stag Lord’s favorite alcohol (a case of 8 bottles now conveniently in the party’s possession) will result, very shortly, in a very drunk Stag Lord.

Kressle reminded the party that there were another four bandits out hunting, and helped the group come up with a plan for ambush. After ordering the four bandits to surrender (after aiding in the creation of an appropriate ambush scenario), and after the party tied up the four bandits, Kressle executed each one at the party’s request. She and McStubbs then spent the evening chatting over some beer. The party decided to leave her hands bound (and legs partially bound for a restricted stride, except when on horseback) for the foreseeable future.

They also learned that a bunch of trinkets, likely including Svetlana’s wedding ring, was stolen from the camp by a group of mites that dwell somewhere nearby.

At any rate, they eventually went on to explore the area immediately around the Thorn River Camp, running across a group of grigs, which only [[:duralagos | Duralagos]] could see, which he had to describe to Lunath to identify. After a quick bit of conversation where the party convinced the grigs that they were not the bandits who’d been in the area (and in fact had disposed of the bandits), they parted peacefully.

The party then moved on, exploring an adjacent tract of land, where they found some kobolds who were napping amid a clearing full of radishes. They caught the kobolds unaware, and quickly slaughtered the lot, then collected the radishes, which matched the description Svetlana Leveton had given when she asked for some.



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