Wait, So We're *Supposed* to Conquer the Whole Area? We Would've Done It Anyway.

Wow, You Guys Saw It, Too?

The party began the 27th day of their expedition with the goal of exploring the northeast portion of the Greenbelt. After a few uneventful days mapping terrain, they found a hut with an odd potion-maker named Bokken inside. While talking to him, (Bokken asked the party to find some fangberries for potions) a shambling mound attacked Kahless’s eidolon, who was waiting outside.

The eidolon drew the shambling mound away, and the party ran outside to fight it, eventually defeating it without suffering any casualties, despite some grievous wounds. After Bokken gratefully gave the parties several potions for their defense of his house (although he was initially surprised that the battle wasn’t all in his head), the party left and continued on their way.

The party found and killed six more bandits, also locating a forgotten cache under a Claw-Shaped Tree that matched the treasure mapped they found on a dead bandit in the Spider’s Nest. Inside the cache were some trinkets, a wand, and a mostly-damaged spellbook.

The party currently waits to continue exploring, now 33 days into their expedition.



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